“Henry” said that he was suspicious from the beginning.

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry Come out to ask questions about Chelsea’s spending money to buy Romelu Lukaku to join the team last summer,

“Sing the Blues” spent 97.5 million pounds, grabbing Lukaku from Inter Milan back to stay. in Stamford Another Battle Bridge

Despite starting the season well But having done so now, the Belgian international appears to be having trouble playing under Thomas Tuchel’s plans on

Tuesday night. Lukaku was an unused substitute. In a key game in Chelsea’s 2-0 home win over Lille in the Champions League round of 16 first leg

, Henry said of Lukaku’s situation: “From the beginning. I asked myself if he would be a good fit for this team?”

“As a coach when you have Lukaku, You have to make him adapt to the way you play. Or you have to adjust the team to suit him. I don’t think that (the latter) would not happen.”

“For Rom to adapt to the way Chelsea play. it takes time It’s not an easy job.”

“Is it normal that he only touches the ball seven times? (against Crystal Palace). No, that’s not normal. It doesn’t matter if the coach likes you or not. That shouldn’t happen.” the ufabet TV

“They have to forget about it. But it was really hard to see. I’m asking you straight away. I really don’t know how it happened in 90 minutes, but from now on what’s the solution?”

“The solution was for him to find a way to adapt to the way they play. They like pressing They are active and switch positions on the offensive line of three. He wants to be in the middle So it’s very difficult for him to adjust.”

“But it’s the same. Why did you bring him to the team?” he said.