‘Howe’ reveals that the owner of the team showed up to support the players.

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe revealed that the club’s owners Has gone to support the players in the dressing room. Despite an embarrassing 1-0 home defeat to Cambridge United,

Joe Ironside netted the winner in the 56th minute. For Cambridge United in front of Yasir Al-Ruma. in which the Public Capital Group The Investment Fund, which owns 80% of the club.

Despite experiencing no symptoms and looking a picture. Of health during a media address conducted via Zoom on Friday morning. Howe, who has been double vaccinated, recorded a positive result during routine testing conducted at the club.

Al-Rumayan, along with Amanda Staveley and her husband Mehdad Godouzi, entered the dressing room after the match. game According to Eddie Howe,

“They visited the players. Personally, I’m not in it. After that, they came to meet me and my team.

“I believe they are very supportive of the players, they highlight that we are fighting for survival in the league together. and they support everyone I don’t know how to thank them for their support like that.

“I think it’s really helpful for the players to see and hear that. because the adventure now And fighting for survival in the top flight is a harmonious effort from everyone at the club

. they are awesome The owners of the club want to show their support for the players. Which for me is a pleasure.”