It took Neymar 4 hours to complete knee surgery.

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Neymar had surgery to repair a knee ligament injury on Thursday. Everything went smoothly without any problems. The Brazilian national team striker was injured while helping Samba in a duel with Uruguay in mid-October. Which became bad news for the national football team, Al Hilal’s agency and Neymar. 

The reason why Neymar just had surgery last Thursday. Was because the 31-year-old attacker previously did not want to travel to Paris for treatment as per Al Hilal’s advice. The player wanted Returned for treatment with the medical team in Brazil UFABET

Causing all parties to discuss before concluding to comply with the players’ demands. And last Thursday, reports revealed that Neymar had undergone surgery by Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar in Belo-Horizonchi. 

The procedure took four hours to repair Neymar’s damaged cruciate ligament in his knee, and it all went off smoothly.

After this, Neymar will recuperate in the hospital and be under the care of doctors for another 2-3 days, after which he will follow the program set by the doctors and Al Hilal Club, who will follow closely.

Neymar has had to deal with injuries continuously recently. After moving to Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia for a fee of 90 million euros or around 3,470 million baht. He played only 5 games with his new team because he had to heal from a muscle injury he had with him. Before coming across this time with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee.