Jouameni was not injured because of Gabi.

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Real Madrid’s French midfielder Aurelien Jouameni was not injured. After a collision with Barcelona‘s youngster Pablo Martin Paz Cabira Gabi.

Shonaton Ghebe, agent for Aurelien Jouameni has confirmed that. The 23-year-old Real Madrid midfielder did not suffer a broken bone in his foot. As a result of a collision with Pablo Martin. Paz Cabira Gabi, Barcelona’s fierce teenage midfielder. According to a report from ‘The Athletic’ on Thursday. 

Jouameni has emerged as Real Madrid’s main force this season. The 23-year-old midfielder played throughout the game ‘El Clasico’ in which Real Madrid won 2-1 against Barcelona first. It was later reported that the Frenchman had a broken bone in his foot that required surgery and about two months of rehabilitation ทางเข้า UFABET

‘He felt something (in the first half) but it was no big deal. And then during the game it got worse,’ Gabe said.

There has been talk on social media that Joameni’s injury may have occurred during a clash with Barcelona’s 19-year-old midfielder Gabi. But the French midfielder disagrees with those opinions.

‘It wasn’t because of Gabi, he didn’t say anything. (During halftime) because when the team is behind He wants to win. But he doesn’t know when you’re playing. You don’t feel it. And it happens when you stop and take off your shoes.’